Volvo HR90

Using the car’s technology, we turned an S90 into the new Volvo’s new HR manager. Tapping into its speech technology, pedestrian recognition, car connect system and other technological elements of the car, we can let the car do its own job interview. It not only shows the intelligence of the car, it also assures us that we will get the best profiles, because we let an expert do the recruitment… the car itself.

The HR90 is hiring technical talent for Volvo Car Gent and also for the Volvo dealer network, where the existing service technicians are evolving into personal service technicians: in order to deliver the most satisfying customer contact, regular servicing and maintenance. This demands a particular skill set, combining both the technical knowhow of a mechanic with the social and communication skills of a salesperson.

The HR90 was made to detect that unique combination of skills. Using artificial intelligence combined with speech and other technology the HR90 is able to conduct the job interview while analysing the candidate’s facial expressions and word use in order to assess their knowledge, motivation and social skills.

After the premiere at the Brussels Motor Show, the HR90 will continue its tour of job expos, schools and Volvo dealerships in search of new recruits.

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