The tailor-made fluo jacket.

We all know that Volvo is about safety. But the Volvo S90 is also about style. Every element of this sedan is designed in the most stylish and luxurious way. Except for one little detail: the ordinary fluo safety jacket. You know, the ugly thing hidden in the back of the trunk, next to the spare tyre.

For a brand that attaches so much importance to safety, the S90's fluorescent vest had to rise to the occasion, so that luxury and safety could become one and the same.

We asked Aravinda Rodenburg, one of only four bespoke tailors in Belgium, to redesign the jacket and make a top-of-the-range safety vest, unique in the world. Aravinda crafted a luxurious gilet, based on the classic waistcoat with a single breast pocket. Completed with real buffalo horn knobs. Each new Volvo S90 owner gets this unique tailor-made safety jacket, for free.

With this idea, we not only carried out a classic advertising campaign, we also helped Volvo to perfect its product.

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