A Star-Studded Cast.

Would you be prepared to put your arm in plaster for a whole week just for the chance to win a free ski holiday? That’s what we thought! And as it turned out, a hundred other alpine sports fans in Liège and Antwerp felt exactly the same way.


Neckermann was looking for a way to attract attention to its early booking discounts for all-inclusive ski holidays. And what better way than with the sight of a hundred people wearing plaster casts coloured Neckermann yellow throughout the city and throughout the internet? 

What we did.

This far-from-your-average activation campaign lured hundreds of people to participating Neckermann travel agents where specialists were on stand-by to put their arm in plaster. Contestants had all week long to gather “likes” for their feigned ski injuries on the Neckermann Facebook page before the winners were announced (and subsequently released from their bonds). 

What we got.

Saturday 24 September and a record number of people could be seen walking around with a broken arm in distinctive, Neckermann-yellow plaster casts. (Social) media attention boosted the outreach of the campaign even further.

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