Obscurity is a Virtue.

Promoting Belgian fashion designer, Murielle Scherre’s somewhat revealing lingerie on Facebook can be a tricky affair. Especially given the latter’s puritan views on nudity. The solution? Turn the censorship into a “thing”. 


La Fille d’O is a line of seductive lingerie created by Belgian fashion designer, Murielle Scherre. Distinguished by its seductive and revealing transparency, the line nevertheless posed several hurdles for a social media-based campaign. 

What we did.

Rather than let Facebook spoil the mood, we had the idea of turning the censor’s blackout marker into an icon for the brand. The now legendary Obscura app let Facebook fans censor their own suggestive photos and upload them to Facebook. 

What we got.

You can often show more about a brand by not showing anything at all. And indeed, before long, the internet was buzzing with teasing, suggestive images that forged a strong link with the La Fille d’O brand and its seductive line of see-through lingerie.