We love the football, we do (repeat x 2) Ooooh football we love you.

Football is in the DNA of almost every Belgian man and Jupiler is football all the way too. They have been living and breathing football for the past 25 years as a loyal and proud partner of the Red Devils. So when that partner asked us to make a commercial to support that team in Brasil, we didn't hestitate a second, and… well yeah… scored.


Make a nice campaign working in two things

  1. showing the strong connection between Belgian football, the Red Devils and Jupiler, that one can't go without the other.
  2. show that as a brand Jupiler is 1000% behind the squad, wishing them all the luck.

What we got.

Thanks to the excellent relationship between Jupiler and the Royal Belgian Football Association, we were able to get full cooperation of the squad, resulting in the very nice commercial.