Giving the internet a cooler place to hang out.

Both and needed an update in terms of technology. Consumers access sites in an other way these days and demand other things from brands online, so Jupiler wanted to adapt to that.

On the other hand, Jupiler wanted to focus more on capturing consumer data. The brand has quite some things to offer to men, but wanted to offer the right things to the right audience. Footballtickets to footballfans, concerttickets for those who love football, etc. Therefor, we needed to get to know the audience a lot better.

What we did.

To meet those requirements, an intelligent site was needed. The site tracks the clicking behavior of the visitor and collects interests through registration funnels.

That data is used to serve the right content to the visitor and thus raise the relevance of each visit for the user.

With the Jupiler-site being the place where all partnerships, actions, content and campaigns come together, we can offer something interesting for every man visiting the site. The same goes for the newsletter and e-mail communication to our database. This CRM approach resulted in a higher efficiency of the digital communication, a key objective of the Jupiler team.

Next to that, the site is optimized for any kind of mobile use and allows a quick setup of contests and couponing actions through an easy-to-use CMS.