Let it all hang out.

'Let it all hang out' is a campaign against castration of piglets. On September 9th 2011, we asked all Belgian men to leave their underwear at home as a support of the action.


Each year, nearly 5 million piglets are castrated, purely to minimize the possibility the cooked meat may smell unpleasantly of boar. Unneeded, because there are many alternatives, causing less pain for the animals.

What we did.

We wanted to put forward alternatives and needed the backing of the people who really feel the these piglets' pain: men. A national event was created on 9th of September: The day without underwear. A day when men were asked to leave their undies at home. If all men "let them hang out", maybe the breeders would let their piglets' hang out too.

The day was announced via a Facebook event and was supported with a personalized letter to journalists and bloggers, explaining the reasons behind the campaign. Of course we targeted men, but women were also asked to let their partners know they should participate in the action.


What we got.

National and international press coverage and viral effect on the day of the campaign. A lingerie brand used our campaign to run a top topical. But most importantly, we changed behavior. Big distribution partners stopped selling meat that came from castrated piglets.