Chicken Squeeze.

We disapprove of battery caged chickens. As a result, the supermarkets stopped selling battery caged eggs years ago. However, we do forget eggs are used in a lot of other products (cookies, mayonnaise, etc…). A lot of these still come from those battery cages. 

That's why GAIA asks people to:

  1. to stop eating products in which battery caged eggs are used
  2. to sign the petition against battery caged eggs

What we did.

Some brands and supermarkets have been taking necessary measures. Others still needed that little extra push. We worked on that little push by making...

  • a cool 'Kiptris' game, similar to the famous computer game where blocks and bars need to be stacked efficiently. This shows in a fun way the serious problems involving battery caged chicken and guides the gamers to a petition page, after having played the game. A press release was sent out, announcing the action.
  • a strong print ad, making consumers specifically choose for products containing free-range eggs

A few days after the launch, GAIA demonstrated at the offices of a sauce manufacturer, using the visuals of the campaign. This resulted in a second wave of attention in press.

Different manufacturers have switched to free range chickens, others have asked for a little more time but have made the wise decision.