When you spend a decade renovating a train station, you want to let people know it's finished. That’s why we were asked for the launch campaign for the renewed Antwerp Central Station.

In such a station, so many people with so many stories pass each day that one could write a book about it. We did.

We asked 5 authors to write a station novel in the new station itself. Each writer started off where the previous one quit and had contact with the passers-by. The book was printed and distributed on the day of the official opening of the station.

To promote this opening digitally and internationally, we recreated the new station in 3D Pixel art. Everyone could walk through the station and see what it looked like.

But why walk if you can dance? By going through the building, a line of people formed and before you knew it, you were doing ‘the locomotion’, (the silly ‘dance’ you do on weddings) thus inviting people via social to participate in this dance.

We ended up with people from 146 different countries dancing through the station. Which is probably around the same number of nationalities Antwerp Central Station welcomes each year.