Wolf Gedinne.

At the end of June in 2011, Gedinne, a small town in Wallonia was at the center of attention when news broke out that a couple of sheep were attacked. Rumours got out a wolf may be the cause. The Flemish national television (VRT) sent out a crew of their well known programme 'Animals in Trouble' to catch the animal on film, during night.

They filmed the scoop: the wolf was back after 130 years of absence.

What we did.

Taking advantage of this situation, we decided to create a fake 'making of' in order to make the public believe the filmed wolf was fake and nothing but a stunt by the vodka brand from the land of the wolves, Eristoff.

Once the film was posted on social media, the press jumped on the case and had their doubts as to the origin of the VRT images. Mission accomplished.

The Eristoff top topical took the land by storm. This made it possible for Eristoff to claim their brand image 'Vodka from the land of the wolves' by exploiting a news related fact.

What we got.

Coverage in national press and also a lot of tweets and blog articles. Even months after the event, the press keeps on talking about the return of the wolf, mentioning the Eristoff case. Even today, many people believe the wolf actually filmed is a fake.