Track Your Tickets.

Eristoff wanted an original approach to give away free tickets for Tomorrowland. It needed to engage the Nightwolves community both online and offline and attract new fans.

At night, an Eristoff Balloon flies over Belgium and drops Tomorrowland tickets. If you can grab them, they are yours.

What we did.

On July 3rd, when full moon took over the night, we announced some spectacular news about Tomorrowland on our Facebook page. We told our fans our Eristoff Balloon would fly over Belgium and drop Tomorrowland tickets. If you could grab them, they were yours. On the website, the campaign was explained and the user could participate in a poll: 'Where should we drop the tickets?". A blog/twitter feed was installed and conversation was kept alive by posting about the preparations.


The drop zone was announced and the countdown to drop date was shown. We also added a weather feed, since the date could be influenced by the weather. The site also showed some information on how to prepare and safely track the balloon. 

We waited for the right wind and took off in our hot air balloon at sunset. At the right time, the tickets were dropped with a little parachute. A gps tracking device enabled each Nightwolf to track the tickets by using their cellphone or computer. Everything came down to finding the tickets quickest and grabbing them when they came down.

A camera crew filmed the whole operation and a case movie was posted on Facebook.