Decode the Night.

The challenge for this campaign was to install Eristoff Red as the most energetic drink to kick off the night.

Next to the awareness campaign via traditional media (bus shelter, tv and cinema), we wanted to activate The Nightwolves, the online community. We wanted them to participate in an online interactive 3D game 'Decode the night with Red'.

What we did.

The interactive 3D game was projected on the wall of a tall building in Ghent. This was the first time in Belgium that 3D mapping and gaming were combined. 

Two players played against each other. With an iPad, they moved a crosshair on the front of the building and had to shoot wolves that appeared behind the windows. Shooting them earned the players coins and the player with the highest rank won tickets to I Love Techno. If they managed to shoot the bottle of Eristoff Red, which fell down the building, they got their bottle.