The Dogfather.

Kito, the cute energy consuming dog stole the heart of many people over the past couple of years. Life was good…  baking sausages on radiators, watching tv and so on. He enjoyed his perfect life… But lives do change and so does his when he becomes proud father of a few puppies. Cuteness overload ! In the new Electrabel commercial, we see the proud father in his new role. Trying to manage his life and now consuming even more energy. Thankfully, Electrabel is there for Kito, adapting to his new family needs. Good dog, good father ! 


We all need energy, that’s a fact. But energy has become a commodity. We only come in contact with our energy provider when we have a problem or question.

It is important for people to know that Electrabel is there for them in every stage of their lives. To answer their questions, to look after their (new) energy needs or to offer products and services that help them to better manage and control their energy. 


The Movie.

What we did.

When your life changes, you energy needs do change as well. And for that, you can count on Electrabel. How? With products and services that help you to manage and control your energy to the best.

How did we illustrate this statement? By letting the life of Kito, the popular ‘energy-eating’ dog, evolve. Kito becomes the proud father of 5 puppies. His role changes from a “bad boy” to a more responsible father with other energy needs due to the birth of the puppies.


Print & Social.

Next to a nation wide print campaign Kito also had a much liked social media campaign where he was followed around by paparazzi sharing every detail of his private life.

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Community Insight.

22/03/2014 — 1 answers

What do you think about this new TV commercial ?

« Il est actuel, proche de ce que tout à chacun traverse dans son parcours de vie. Quand je l'ai vu je n'ai pas pu me retenir de sourire avec beaucoup de tendresse. J'ai trouvé cela mignon et chaleureux. Le retour de Kito ne m'a pas laissé de marbre ;-) »


Behind the scene.