When we say “protection”, we mean it!

If, like Delta Lloyd Life, you’re serious about protecting your family’s way of life, you don’t want to take any chances. Well when developing a campaign concept to get the message across, neither did we! The result says it all: Delta Lloyd Life will stand firm, even - and especially! - when the going gets tough.


When most people think about insurance, they think about protecting their most valuable possessions: their home, their car, their boat, maybe their jewellery or silverware. What many don’t think about, however, is their income! And, more to the point, what would happen to it - and their family’s wellbeing - in the event of illness, accident or death. But that is precisely what the insurance expert Delta Lloyd Life wanted people to think about.

What we did.

Few things evoke the concept of protection more vividly than 2 feet of solid, reinforced concrete! Concrete that was designed to protect people in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: namely that of a World War II bunker. But not just any bunker, one that forms part of some of the most impressive natural landscape in the Netherlands and an inspiring place for a holiday. 

And so, to show the wider public that Delta Lloyd Life is serious about protecting your family, we set up a unique competition offering families the chance to win a month’s holiday in a renovated bunker in the middle of the pristine Dutch Waterlinie, cleverly converted courtesy of the architects from B-ILD. 

The Website.

Take a look for yourself at the competition website wineenbunker.be where you’ll find a 3D model of the bunker-slash-holiday-home, a series of video clips documenting the construction/conversion process and, of course, what it’s all actually about: getting ultimate protection for you and your family courtesy of Delta Lloyd Life’s personalised Family Packs. 

Traffic is constantly driven to the site via a variety of media including online bannering, a comprehensive PR campaign and radio spots.