National Pension Poll.

Each year, Delta Lloyd Life organizes her National Pension Poll where they get a view on the Belgian's opinion on pension related matters. The 2013 edition focused on two questions; is the pension age of 65 installed and what is the Belgian's view on the end of career policy?

Aside from the offline debate and the launch of the press conference, this debate was also launched via social media.


The biggest challenge for the future is to keep the Belgian pension system affordable so pensions are guaranteed for future generations. One of the most mentioned solutions is to make people work longer. There is still a lot of discussion on the exact way in which people have to work longer.

Enough food for discussion for a Pension poll with as central title: Retirement age, an utopia?

Delta Lloyd asked us to think of:

  1. An interesting approach to bring the story to the alive in the form of a buzz moment prior to the press conference and to work out the approach for the press conference
  2. A way how the story could be translated into a social media approach 

What we did.

Discussions about a topic that affects all of us, should take place on the streets. We took that seriously and placed two big digital screens in the center of Brussels. Each screen contained different points of view surrounding the pension debate. People were asked to participate via Twitter (#pensioendebat #debatpension), text messages or Facebook. Results were shown immediately on the big screens and engaged the people immediately. The Minister of Pensions Alexander De Croo kickstarted the campaign.

At the same time, different points of view were launched on Facebook and Twitter with all replies being shown on the two screens in Brussels. Of course, we actively pushed the campaign to the blogging community.

What we got.

We organized a press conference where 10 influential panel members from different sectors were invited to give their view on the 10 key points of view that came out of the National Pension Poll. They had an interesting debate with each other and via the presence of a twitter wall, the discussions took place online.

This campaign proves qualitative PR can bring quality of communication to another level. We generated a value of 1,5 million euros in earned media.