How to keep affluent people on the right track?

Delta Lloyd Bank developed a new way of wealth planning. It helps in reaching your financial objectives with much more precision.

Since we would love to live the life of our target audience, we created a campaign that had to market this new method.

What we did.

Financial tools tend to be quite difficult to understand. Both in what they do and in how they work. We wanted it to be different for Delta Lloyd so we gave it an easy to understand name: De Financiële Routeplanner / Le Guide Financier.

We also took time to explain what the "Financiële Routeplanner / Le Guide Financier" exactly is and how it works in an short but very clear animation movie .

The Routeplanner concept was then translated in a radio commercial, a bannering campaign, a Youtube preroll and in print. 

Have a look… and get on the right track!