After the lockdown and the attacks Brussels has been struggling to stay alive. De Tijd and L’Echo couldn’t let this happen to our capital and its economy and felt the urge to do something.

#DiningForBrussels was born. De Tijd and L’Echo simply asked all Belgians to go out and eat again in Brussels. When people finished their plates they could share their support via social media with a picture of their fork, knife and spoon laid out as a peace sign and the hashtag #DiningForBrussels

  • 2.359 Messages on social media.
  • 441 Instagram posts.
  • 4.781.003 Potential impressions.

#DiningForBrussels telt het mee als je gaat eten in horeca waar nog geen witte kassa is?

De lockdown van #Brussel had immense gevolgen. Daar wil #DiningForBrussels iets aan doen: https://t.co/tUo1zuUBxr https://t.co/Q8X9ozXOf9

Lekker, veilig en in goed gezelschap! #DiningForBrussels https://t.co/0eJUNiSzHn

Will you be #DiningForBrussels? Create a peace sign after your meal and share to join Belgium in showing solidarity. https://t.co/d0ukIkJy9w