Start to run.

When you reach the boss level of stardom and have millions of fans something strange called merchandising happens. This can come in different forms: your own perfume fragrance, a book, puppets,... but everybody knows that you only really made it when you have your own video game. 

Don't save the princess.

The goal of this addictive game is not to save the princess or to kill all the fruit. No, it's about keeping your stresslevel as low as possible for as long as you can while you jump through all the fun a city has to offer. You can keep your stress down by taking the bus and by collecting shopping bags. To increase your score you need to grab as many Euro's as possible. But beware of stupid dogs, parking tickets and construction pits in the street... boy are you in for a ride.

The Campaign.

For seven weeks you can try winning one of the Stressman puppets. You can download the game for free on the website of De Lijn and in the AppStore and Google Play. All traffic to the site is generated through a viral video, a radio campaign, bannering and of course... specially designed busses to give the game extra visibility.