High voltage test

With 'Stressmannetje', we try to convince people to leave their car stress behind and use De Lijn when travelling to the city


Each week, the well known consumer program VOLT, tests a tv commercial on its credibility. On November 6th, the Stressmannetje commercial was tested…

Volt sent two different people to travel to work with bus, during the rush hour. The results were negative; it took them both longer. On top of that, presenter Kobe Ilsen kicked Stressmannetje.



React quickly via a short viral movie; you don't kick Stressmannetje. He was really knocked off his feet and very, very sad. 


In the meantime, the movie has exceeded the 400.000 views and it is still counting.

Final Conclusion.

You don't mess with Stressmannetje, that's pretty clear. But what's even better is that people stood up for De Lijn after this event.