The correct use of a ticket is a problem, especially for youth. Unfortunately, many do not buy a ticket or just buy an SMS ticket when they spot someone who checks tickets on the bus. This results in a loss of income for De Lijn. More people who pay their fares correctly results in a better service De Lijn can offer its passengers. 

And that's what we took as insight, fare dodging is always at cost of other travelers. 


De Lijn loses income because of these fare dodgers. Money they could spend on improving service. In an indirect way, travelers do also suffer from this. It causes a feeling of injustice and they don't get the service they could have been given with extra income.

What we did.

We didn't want the cliché pedantic character so we created a funny online video that puts the finger on the problem and lets the viewers think about the consequences of not paying. 

We got over 27 000 views within a target audience that is difficult to reach via traditional media. 

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De Lijn against fare-dodging

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 — 67 answers

A while ago, we showed you this script. Yesterday, the final movie was edited. What do you think?

Everyone hates not being able to find a seat on the bus or when the bus is just packed. If you show there are fare dodgers who take the seat of paying customers, things get really concrete. I don't know whether or not this will deter fare dodgers, but it will certainly reinforce the idea that fare dodging is unacceptable.

Melopee (Women, 27 years old)