Aaaaaargh! A swear jar, damn it!

Too many people see their car as the one and only form of transport, even for a recreational trip to the city. But driving in the city can be downright crazy: navigating traffic, finding a parking spot, paying for your parking spot!, paying the fine if you’re late getting back to your parking spot!!... no wonder people lose their self-control behind the wheel and let slip the odd expletive. It’s called road rage. A terrible habit that for Famous, was both the problem and the solution.


The incredible success of the swear jar campaign can be seen not only in the huge number of hits, views and shares but above all in the extensive amount of online and print media coverage: helping to spread the message further, wider and – not to be sneezed at – for free!



To make people aware of the phenomenon of road rage – and convince them of De Lijn’s quicker, cheaper and above all stress-free alternatives – we let the now infamous “Stress Doll” do the talking (or shouting). Following hard on the heels of the wildly successful TV, radio and online campaign (complete with GPS voice – see previous case), we took the concept a step further with the “Potverpot”: a swear jar that – if you’re like most people – will help you save up enough for a bus or tram ride in no time at all. Especially if you follow the guidelines and put in a euro for every four letter word that passes your lips. 

13 500 swear jars covered in the popular stress doll’s publishable expletives were handed out in 12 Flemish cities in October 2013. And to spread the message even further, a fun online campaign invited people to find out what kind of swearer they really are at After answering a few questions, site visitors were exposed to the antics of the swearing puppet who’d well and truly flipped his top. Throw in a free bus or tram ticket by SMS – and few rude Tweets and Facebook posts – and the potverpot soon went viral!

  • 189K people visited the website
  • 13K potver-pots were distributed
  • 32K people decided to leave their car stress behind and order a trial pass.

Final conclusion.

Sure, the public has well and truly fallen for De Lijn’s raging, swearing stress doll, which has in turn enhanced the transport provider’s own public image. But more importantly, this stressed out little puppet has convinced people how much more relaxed an enjoyable a day out in the city can be when you take the bus or tram. And if that’s not what we set out to achieve in the first place, damn it!

Gedaan met vloeken, euro int potteke. #potverpot #delijn

Eigenlijk moet ik werken. Maar zit al 20 minuten lang hier mee te spelen... Geniaal werk uit Belgiƫ: #potverpot

Om de #potverpot-campagne te steunen rij ik momenteel al tweetend tegen 100 op het middenvak van de E17 met mijn faren en mistlamp aan.

Schitterende campagne alweer van @delijn #potverpot

Oeps, ben een wagenvloeker type 2. Dringend op zoek gaan naar een #potverpot! Top actie van @delijn ! #stressmannetje