Directions to FamousGrey

Just a few kilometers from Brussels, you'll find us tucked away in an old monastery, surrounded by a park.

Our official addres is:
Hendrik Placestraat 43A,
1702 Groot Bijgaarden

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! At this moment the city of Dilbeek is conducting road works in the neighbourhood !

The most designated route to FamousGrey is to follow the Robert Dansaertlaan to the intersection with the Wolsemstraat. Follow the Wolsemstraat underneath the tunnel until the end, turn right and you will reach our monastery without much trouble.

Parking options

1) Visitor parking
(Just in front)


Visitors can park their car directly in front of our offices, but places are limited.


2) General Parking
(With a walk in the park)

You're also welcome to use our parking lot near the pond. It's a 5-minute walk through the park to reach our building if you leave your car here.

To get to this parking area navigate to:

Wolsemstraat 1,
1700 Dilbeek

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To enter this parking you'll need this access code:


Once inside the park, follow the 'FamousGrey' signposts to get to our offices.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Holy Wivina!